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Validate your idea with Steed

We help early stage founders to see if their latest idea has real merit and a scalable future.

By joining our programme we condense down what is normally a slow and tedious process of gaining feedback on your concept and trying to raise funds into a 30 day high intensity learning experience.

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At Verticode, we specialize in building affordable Minimum Viable Products in just 2 weeks, without compromising on quality, all for an affordable flat fee. Your MVP will be fully coded and ready for use. This means you'll be focusing on your customers rather than worrying about your product.

The Supercharge Programme

Idea validation

Learn how to validate your concept with users, combine it with a business model, and articulate a market that shows investors evidence that this is a real opportunity.

Validate your idea with Steed

Pitch perfection

We'll help you craft the perfect pitch deck and narrative. Then, an intense pitch practice, where we'll dig deep into your delivery and ensure it's the best it can be.

Pitch perfect with Steed

Investor sessions

Meet a real angel investor and put it all into practice. Get their feedback directly and we will follow up with them to get further information. The main outcome here is learning, but there is always a chance of pursuing investment following this meeting.

Meet an angel investor with Steed

Who are we?

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who have been through the process of raising funds and building businesses. We have a network of investors and advisors who are ready to help you.

Photograph of Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas


"I have worked for 10 years helping super early stage founders and I am incredibly passionate about helping people pursue companies in the right direction. Throughout my career I have reviewed over 10,000 startup applications and coached hundreds of founders to raise millions in pre-seed funding. I set up this programme after becoming frustrated with the limited options available to give founders genuine and impartial coaching without giving up equity in a business that is impossible to value at this stage. If you are interested in learning more feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!"

Photograph of Paul Morrissey

Prof. Paul Morrissey


Paul is a veteran technology entrepreneur and investor. Over the last 25 years Paul has helped countless companies through his investments, advice and support. Many of his early stages investments have gone on to be hugely successful companies. Paul is passionate about helping early and new entrepreneurs each their potential.

Walk away with the confidence to either pursue this idea, or quickly move on to a better one. 

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Validate your idea with Steed